E-light (IPL & RF)

Theory of Operation

The core technologies for the E-Light1A are composed by Bipolar Radio Frequency,Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Skin Contact Cooling. IPL has the feature which canbe absorbed by the skin tissue selectively, and it acts on the tissue through the function of heat stimulation and biological stimulation. However, it has some limitations when treating light skin and the treating depth which influences the treatment effect. With bipolar radio frequency, it can reach the middle and lower layer of the skin with non-selective absorption and it is closely related to the conductibility and temperature of the skin. The E-Light1A combines the RF with IPL which takes advantage of the selective absorption of the IPL and the deep penetrability of the RF. At the same time, the function of skin contact cooling can virtually eliminate any pain or discomfort caused by the strong effects of intense pulsed light on its own.


1 Use cooling gel to protect the skin while treating.

2 Pay attention to protect the eyes of both the operator and customer.

3 The filter should be checked up before using through the IPL window.

If the filter is dirty or damaged, please discard.

4 Pay attention to the storage and temperature surroundings.

5 Operators should have some training and knowledge of IPL and safety

precautions for intense light’s radiation.

6 Operators must be aware of the potential hazard that may cause by intense

light’s radiation.

7 All repair and maintenance of products should be performed by Toplaser

authorized technical personnel.

The disposal of the machine and its components and accessories should comply with the local laws

and regulations.